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H4X Corporate Wellness

Work Life Balance, Employee Engagement, and Social Responsibility

H4X Corporate Wellness provides enterprise-level wellness strategies for private and public organizations around the world. Nadia Flores, the company’s founder and president, helps executive teams communicate wellness strategy to (1) customers, (2) channel partners, (3) shareholders, and (4) employment markets. The objective is to increase revenue, maximize valuation, and support talent acquisition imperatives.

Government Wellness Strategy

Improve public wellness and reduce healthcare spending for municipal, state/provincial, and national public sector organizations

Enterprise Wellness Strategy

Implement corporate wellness strategies to enhance marketing & branding, and support talent acquisition objectives.

Corp. Wellness Health Fairs

Onsite corporate health fairs to support wellness strategy and proactively communicate benefit packages to employees and/or contractors.

Community Wellness Strategy

Wellness strategy for multi-family commercial real estate developments to reduce resident turnover and enhance community wellbeing.

Nadia Flores is an accomplished and award-winning wellness professional that has developed and implemented a variety of public health-related initiatives in both private and public sector environments. Before founding H4X Corporate Wellness, she was the Executive Director of Think Together, a non-profit organization helping new immigrants acclimate to life in America. She has also held leadership positions at the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce as well as XXX and YYY. Click on the image to learn more about her background and aspirations for this boutique consulting agency.

H4X Corporate Wellness focuses on high-level strategic initiatives designed to enhance public sector outcomes and corporate performance. The company works with governmental leadership teams and corporate executives to maximize ROI and deliver measureable results.

H4X Corporate Wellness focuses on four (4) primary areas of personal health.

Optimum nutrition has been researched for decades, and many recommendations have been hyped only to later be debunked by subsequent research. H4X Corporate Wellness is constantly following the latest research to deliver up-to-date guidance to our endusers.

Exercise plays a critical role in our mental and physical health. H4X Corporate Wellness provides …

Sleep allows our bodies to recover and rejuvinate for the next day. Poor sleeping habits can result in serious physical and mental health conditions. It also reduces performance and cognitive retention in the workplace. H4X integrates cutting-edge sleep research in all of its programs.

Introspection, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing all contribute to overall mental health, enhancing mental clarity and improving performance for working professionals. H4X works with leading providers in this emerging field to ensure its clients benefit from this transformative research.

H4X Corporate Wellness is located in Costa Mesa and works with clients in many Orange County cities including Anaheim, Orange, Huntington BeachNewport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo, as well as cities in Los Angeles County and clients across the country. The firm also works with other international (primarily public sector) clients.