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About Nadia Flores

(Mayan Temples of Gran Plaza at Tikal National Park, Guatemala)

Nadia Flores is a seasoned and award-winning (see below) corporate wellness professional with experience in private sector, public sector, and non-for-profit organizations. With a primary focus on positive return on investment (ROI), she founded H4X Corporate Wellness in 2019 to deliver measurable results for her clients.

The philosophy of H4X Corporate Wellness is that “corporate wellness” should deliver more than just health advice for employees. It should be leveraged as a branding strategy in both consumer markets and talent acquisition markets. Millennials and Generation Z value social responsibility in their buying patterns and the organizations they want to work for. Corporate wellness programs need to be highlighted publicly to demonstrate the organizations’ committment to those same goals.

While H4X Corporate Wellness helps coordinate onsite and offsite health fairs as a primary staple of it’s business, the focus is always on branding strategy and how to leverage these fairs (and other expenditures) in other areas of the business. Corporate wellness and work-life balance will continue to play an important and increasing role in the years ahead. Let strategy guide your budget allocations to capitalize on those trends.

Top 40 under 40: Nadia Flores was both touched and amazed as a teen by the warm guidance and encouragement she received at a local learning center. Today, she tries to make sure that thousands of youths in Orange County get more of the same. Click here for more.

SANTA ANA – An Orange County woman who works for an after-school program that serves more than 100,000 students statewide has been recognized by the Califorrnia Milk Processor Boaard for encouraging Latino families to adopt healthier lifestyless. Nadia Flores, Director of Community Outreach for THINK Together, was named a winner in the board’s statewide “Maestro Positivo” (“Master of Positivity”) contest during a ceremony on Wednesday at THIINK Together’s Fourth Street headquarters. Click here for more.

For Beacon Bay residents and THINK Together supporters Susan and Sam Anderson, helping the community begins early, one child at a time, and includes involvement by others to help students not only graduate from high school but move on to higher education. “It takes a village” is not just a cliché; it is how the work of staff, volunteers and donors at THINK Together are able to successfully help at-risk youth reach their full potential. Click here for more.

A success story in her neighborhood, Nadia Flores left Costa Mesa when she turned 18, went to a university and got a job at a Spanish-language TV network. But in her late 20s, she realized success was also about paying forward the help she received as a teenager at the Shalimar Learning Center. So Flores, 31, changed careers to be a part of THINK Together, a Santa Ana-based nonprofit that serves at-risk kids and families throughout California. Click here for more.