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Culver City, California – H4X Corporate Wellness is based in southern California and services corporate enterprise clients as well as public sector organizations in Culver City and surrounding communities. Large employers such as the local Unified School District, Apple Inc., NFL Media, Target superstores, and Sony Pictures Entertainment can all benefit from strategic guidance in their corporate wellness programs.

Located in Los Angeles County, Culver City is home to a population of almost 39,000 people. Most of its area is surrounded by Los Angeles, while the rest of the city shares a border with the county’s unincorporated areas. Now, the city sits atop an area of 5 square miles. Los Angeles neighborhoods like Baldwin Hills, West Adams, and Mid-City lie towards the east of Culver City, while Playa Vista and Venice are positioned near the west. The city’s main freeways are the Marina, Santa Monica, and San Diego freeways. Geographically, it’s most significant feature is the Ballona Creek that runs from northeast to southwest of the city.

Culver City features local amenities such as transportation from Culver City to Downtown Los Angeles and Downtown Santa Monica through the Culver City Station, which is part of the Los Angeles Metro Expo Line. There’s also a Culver City Bus service that operates within the city. Southern California Hospital on Delmas Terrace, downtown Culver City, is among the leading healthcare providers at Culver City. Meanwhile, The New Leaf Wellness Center on Washington Boulevard is one of the many wellness centers in the city. Culver City is served by the Culver City Unified School District, which has two high schools, one middle school, and five elementary schools, along with one Adult School, an Office of Child Development, and Community Day School.

Based on the city’s Annual Financial Report from 2015 to 2016, the biggest employers in the city include Southern California Hospital at Culver City, The Culver City Unified School District, and West Los Angeles College. In addition, large corporations such as Apple Inc., NFL Media on Washington Boulevard, and Target are also on the list, with Sony Pictures Entertainment on West Washington Boulevard being the biggest employer. In 2018, Apple Inc. announced that it would be leasing a 128,000 square foot building as its Culver City headquarters and that the new location is expected to hire 1,000 people.

Culver City Police Department

4040 Duquesne Avenue

Culver City, CA 90232

Phone: 310-837-1221

Culver City Fire Department

9600 Culver Boulevard

Culver City, CA 90232

Phone: 310-253-5900