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Los Angeles, California – H4X Corporate Wellness is based in southern California and services corporate enterprise clients as well as public sector organizations in Los Angeles and surrounding communities including Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, and Lancaster. Large employers in Los Angeles such as Kaiser Permanente, the University of Southern California (USC), Target, Walt Disney, Allied Universal, and NBC Universal can all benefit from strategic guidance in their corporate wellness programs.

Los Angeles, commonly known by its initials L.A., is California State’s most populated city. Home to a population of around 4 million people, Los Angeles, occupies an area of around 502 square miles, out of which 34 square miles is water. The city is surrounded by mountains like San Gabriel Mountains towards the north, which has a high point known as Mount San Antonio. The Los Angeles River, which runs through the city, acts as a drainage channel. It starts in the Canoga Park district and flows eastward from San Fernando Valley, through the Santa Monica Mountains. Finally, it turns south and flows into the Port of Long Beach.

Government Wellness Strategy

Improve public wellness and reduce healthcare spending for municipal, state/provincial, and national public sector organizations

Enterprise Wellness Strategy

Implement corporate wellness strategies to enhance marketing & branding, and support talent acquisition objectives.

Corp. Wellness Health Fairs

Onsite corporate health fairs to support wellness strategy and proactively communicate benefit packages to employees and/or contractors.

Community Wellness Strategy

Wellness strategy for multi-family commercial real estate developments to reduce resident turnover and enhance community wellbeing.

L.A. is famous for its amazing metropolis and plethora of amenities and facilities. Its served by numerous hospitals like the Los Angeles Community Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, and Southern California Hospital. Highways that connect L.A. to other parts of the country include Interstate 5, Interstate 10, and U.S. Route 101. Just like other metropolises in the country, Los Angeles has an extensive transit system. It’s served by the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates a massive network of light rail, subway, and bus lines throughout the county. Los Angeles has the busiest light rail system in the country, as well as the ninth busiest subway.

After government organizations and institutions, the biggest employers in Los Angeles include Kaiser Permanente, located on Sunset Boulevard, University of Southern California, and Northrop Grumman Corporation, located on Bandini Boulevard. These top three non-government employers employ a total of over 75,000 employees altogether. Other well-known corporations like Target, Walt Disney, Allied Universal, and NBC universal are also on the list of the top ten employers. In addition, healthcare providers such as Providence Health and Services Southern California, on W Jefferson Boulevard Suite 300, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, on Beverly Boulevard are among the biggest employers of the city.

Los Angeles Police Department

100 West 1st Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: 213-486-1000

Los Angeles Fire Department

3401 S Central Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90011

Phone: 213-485-6214