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We work with municipal, state, and national governments to evaluate public health resources, identify outlier high usage populations, mitigate common environments, and develop programs to engage citizens and improve health outcomes. The priority is to deliver permanent solutions rather than temporary fixes. Our methodology involves four primary steps: asset-based resource evaluation, research mapping, “hot-spotting” surveys, and solution development.

The first step involves the identification and evaluation of existing programs and resources. Resources are prioritized by (estimated) ROI, even if that ROI is based on rough estimates. Most public sector programs have poor or non-existent KPI metrics, so clients should expect this step to involve rough numbers. As we continue through the process, this KPI deficiency will quickly be alleviated.

The second step involves research mapping outside the organization, most likely involving neighboring or geographically overlapping organizations. The goal is to identify all available resources that could support your initiative’s goals. In many cases, these related research resources can add significant possibilities to the initiative and uncover opportunities not visible at the outset. H4X will conduct this research mapping process independently with periodic meetings and/or conference calls to get additional guidance.

The third step involves “hot spotting” research on the government’s citizenry. By identifying high usage patterns within the healthcare system, for example, and conducting one-on-one interviews with individuals within that system, problems can quickly be identified and queued for resolution. It’s important to understand that this hot-spotting process requires significant time and human resources. H4X will coordinate and execute the process but will not do so without prior approval from client stakeholders. Once complete, all of the requirements will be in place to establish a comprehensive set of solutions to improve macro outcomes.

The fourth and last step involves the development of a comprehensive action plan. This plan may include multiple initiatives in different areas. Each plan is completely unique, and they vary significantly from one client to another. The good news is that H4X has dealt with multiple clients over the years and can streamline the process by anticipating common problems and pitfalls. This is usually the most exciting part of the process, as the client starts to see specific things they can do to improve outcomes and reduce spend.

Of course, once a plan is devised, the focus shifts to execution. Client stakeholders are welcome to carry the ball from here, but H4X may also be available to help, depending on the initiatives involved. We update clients throughout the process so they know what’s coming up next, and how we can help.